New York In Six…

New York In Six                                                                                                                                                                TRAVEL


Planning a city break? Want to visit one of the most talked about and most diverse and interesting places in the world? Has a trip to Manhattan New York ever crossed your mind?  Take a look at why this really is one of the best city breaks you will ever take. Here is a personal account and first instalment of what to do and see whilst there:

1)      See a Broadway show, this is a perfect evening out, the visual effects, the stage props and the fantastic Broadway actors really create memorable performances. If your budget cannot stretch to a high end show the drama students of New York are still able to leave their mark on the stages of Manhattan’s Broadway and it rarely disappoints. Also it’s such a nice feeling to come back home and say ‘I caught a Broadway show in New York and it truly was something else!’ My friend and I watched Ghost and it was just like that, we were absolutely thrilled and gobsmacked!  I even have a beaker as a souvenir. For cheaper tickets for any of the shows, book in advance or visit the Times Square box office from 9am on the day you want to see the show.

Also try this site:

2)      Book a boat trip to Liberty Island and get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, at the time we couldn’t go up the statue but we did cruise round the island and took lots of photos, you’ll be amazed at how tall and wide the statue is, that’s one ginormous statue. All the visitors that were gathered at the bottom of the statue looked like figurines on a game board. It was amazing yet surreal.  Circle Line* are rated one of the best cruise line operators for this type of tour:

3)      Visit central park, in the heart of Manhattan, this historical landmark has its own zoo and as with everything vast in the city you will need a map for easy navigation.  There are dozens of playgrounds, ballfields, opportunities to sail and you can even get married there. A couple were reading their vows upon entering the park and they were under a beautiful shaded arch; overlooking the water, the array of colourful boats, hearing the gentle and pleasant Sunday chatter whilst basking in the sunshine. A perfect day to get married and it was therefore a very memorable experience for us too.  More on the park can be found at:

4)      Walk along Brooklyn Bridge. We booked a tour bus** and were advised by our bus tour operator, who was very knowledgeable that this is a ‘must do’. Our tour operator spoke passionately about the history and the hope the bridge represented during New York’s transport strike and blackout years. The emotional pull from our tour operator made my friend and I want to walk on the bridge. We did not want to regret it later and the historical prominence made it a ‘must do’ for us too.  For some more information and leads to further research please visit

5)      Get high! As high as you can with a trip up the Top of the Rock with the Rockefeller building and if you can The Empire State Building too. Both boast panoramic views across the New York skyline, not to be missed. Upon entering the grand city you will soon want this to be the first thing on your to do list as you‘ll want to see above the city’s skyscrapers. Although not quite the same feeling as climbing a mountain, it will leave you with the same accomplishment, you’re on top of the world! In New York’s Manhattan, the top really is where it at!

6)      Take time to just sit on the steps of Times Square before you jet off to shop on fifth avenue and the endless markets or out to dinner or wherever your next destination is, take it all in, the people, the vibrancy, the big lights, the music, street entertainers, fellow tourists and city slickers. Just take it all in for as long as you can. This is one of those moments you realise, the world has so much to offer, you can be anything if you put your mind to it and you can achieve your goals and dreams. From such young beginnings this city transformed itself to a powerful, dynamic cocktail of energy, charisma, drive, ambition and success!

There are other places and other things to do of course including a visit to grand central station, art galleries, museums, jazz bars, comedy clubs, roof top bars and gorgeous restaurants. I’ll go through the rest in part two.  What are you waiting for? Check out the links and book that week off work. New York is not to be missed and I’m not at all biased…part two coming soon.

Here’s a link to some Times square images to whet your appetite:

*Circle Line Cruises also cater for cruises round the whole city in as little as 4 days and 3 nights.

**You can book tour bus trips for various types of tours from a Times Square vendor or by visiting: